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The Windows Phone 7 has brought in a massive wave of smart technologies with itself. With smart hub integrations and visually appealing icons, it has touched hearts and piqued the interests of many. We at NWAYS adopted the WP7 technology as soon as it hit the market.

What Technologies Do We Use To Develop Apps For The WP?

We make use of the following smart technologies for developing WP7 apps:

  • Microsoft, .NET &

  • Silverlight (Microsoft)

  • Visual Studio (Microsoft)

  • C# (Microsoft)

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Extensible languages- XAML (markup) & XNL (name)

What Solutions Does NWAYS Provide for WP apps?

Our Windows app developers provide the following solutions, which can be customized based on your requirements and business perspectives:

  • Software for navigational purpose

  • Social networking apps

  • Integrations of web portals, social networking platforms

  • E-commerce, CMS and CRM integrations

We have been recognized widely for our apps ‘F1 World’ and ‘F1 World Pro’ for the Windows Phone 7. Our WP7 app developers have developed several apps for the platform, each with rich features and customized user interface, and brilliant layouts.

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