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 Project  Execution Process

  • Project Execution Process Document

NWAYS has well laid down processes to manage project execution at every phase of the project lifecycle. Every phase described below has to go through a review, by a review committee comprising of senior people in NWAYS management and CXO's. We also collect lot of metrics e.g. effort, schedule variances, defect rates, code review effectiveness etc to mature our processes and to continuously improve on them.

Following are the phase wise brief of our processes:

  • Project Initiation Phase

Once the contract is signed and confirmation for the advance payment is received from NWAY’s finance department, project is officially constituted and Project Manager (PM) & Technical Lead (TL) are designated on the project. NWAYS business development and presales team smoothly transition the project to the project execution team comprising of designated PM and TL at this stage in a formal transition meeting. Here on PM and TL will study the requirements and other documents to prepare a list of queries/suggestions that is to be shared in the client kick off call (or follow-up calls) from customer before proceeding further in the project. NWAYS gives great emphasis to communication with customer/clients and hence PM on the project interacts with clients on agreed upon frequency on the status of the project.

  • Project Requirement Phase

Goal of this phase is to make sure that project execution team has the clear and frozen requirements to work on and they can safely base their design on these requirement thereby significantly reducing chances of rework later on. PM communicates with the NWAYS IT team to setup the project management tools e.g. Basecamp (for written communication with client), SVN folder (to act as central repository for project documents), Bugzilla (acts as Incident tracking tool), CVS(version management tool). Basecamp/Lighthouse tools houses the contact information for team working on the project. Project execution team comes up with the following documents in this phase:

a) Requirement Specification Document
Requirement document acts as placeholder for the high level functional & non-functional requirements, acceptance criteria, deliverables, application distribution and deployments etc.

b) Project Plan
This document presents the project milestones with dates. It clearly highlights all the items expected from customer/Third party or to be delivered to customer/Third party with their dates.

c) Risk Management Plan
Risk management plan captures the potential risks to the project along with their probability of occurrence, level, exposure, mitigation and contingency plan. NWAYS devotes good amount of time in designing the system to be developed. We believe that correctly designed system take less time to develop and are of very high quality.

  • Project Implementation Phase

Finalized design is implemented by NWAY developers and their code is thoroughly reviewed before being committed to version control tool. NWAYS gives great importance to code reviews and to following a defined coding conventions and standard technique while coding. PM monitors and controls the project execution through planned status meeting with TL and other team members. These meeting are to make sure that developers are following the design and project is going on schedule.

  • Project QA Phase

Developers make the delivery of the application to the QA team and they test the application against the test plan, test scenarios and test cases prepared earlier. All the defects found in this phase are logged into the defects tracking tool and fixed by developers. Builds having fixes are planned on appropriate frequency and QA team re-executes the cases to ensure the fixing and regression. QA team comes out with the test runs document for all the testing cycles.

  • Project Closure Phase

NWAYS values the relationship with the customer and hence their feedback on overall project execution is very important to us. Hence client feedback is sought through a form and appropriately analysed and action taken to improve ourselves.

Feel free to contact us or email us at contact@nways.com.au to talk to our Project Team to discuss this in greater detail.